What are the different ways to get SoundCloud for free?

In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can get SoundCloud for free are. Also, we will discuss how the SoundCloud services get famous on the internet did.

How did SoundCloud services get famous?

The first-ever SoundCloud service got famous in the year 2008, when Kevin Kelly and became one of the most popular ideas. Kelly, who is a popular singer, has said that true fans are the ones who will buy anything their singer produces. He has also said that the true fans of someone will attend all the shows and share all your music online.

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Kelly has also told about the idea that if you have a loyal thousand followers. These are enough as they will follow you and like everything that you make. We will also tell you later how you can get free soundcloud plays that too online. Whenever someone is starting new, they should not think of having a million fans.

They should keep small goals at first to achieve them and then head for the bigger goals. The very first goal for any producer is to get a 1000 listener who can also be called true fans.

What are the different ways to get SoundCloud plays for free?

Here are the different ways to get free plays on the SoundCloud app.

  •  Using your personal Facebook

The first step is that you will have to create a Facebook account or use the one which you already have made. Then you will have to put the name of your popular SoundCloud music in the Facebook account’s bio. You have to join a music production group that makes the same kind of music.

Then in the group, you will have to make friend with other and sent them a personal note and tell them about the song. The last step is to follow the above-mentioned step whenever your new song gets the most plays on SoundCloud.

  •  Creating shareable content

The first step is to ensure that you have made good content which you can post on the internet. Then you will have to publish different things about that on your profile or social media. Then the last step is that you will have to create an account on those social media apps which you don’t have. There you will have to post everything the song which you have released or has the highest plays.