Things You Heard Wrong about Living in a Mori at Guillemard Condo

Are you disappointed because you heard something not good about living in a condo when you are already planning to get one from mori at guillemard? This is indeed frustrating especially when you know your friends are already happily living in a condo.

Maybe you heard something wrong as there are really a number of misconceptions about this particular living arrangement. Check out below so you will be enlightened:


MORI Condo at Guillemard Road Jalan Molek By Roxy Pacific (Hot Launch 2021)

You will have no privacy

This is not entirely true as though condos have common walls, still these walls are not like the usual walls. They are of course thicker so that normal sounds will not go through the other door. Besides, there are also balconies in most of the condos these days where you can talk with your family while marveling at the view of the city at the same time.

You will feel cramped

Though mori condo are understood to be small, but you won’t really feel cramped. Besides, these types of living arrangements come in different sizes. So, if you have more members of the family, you should just get a bigger one. The bottom line is this is all about choosing the condo well.

Units are not allowed to be personalized

This is so untrue. While there are indeed some restrictions, still you can do other things so that your unit will be more personalized. You can choose the furniture properly and you can even add carpets at that. With so many home accessories these days, it will be easy to make your place comfy for that matter.

Yes, some condos are really luxurious and in fact, the condos in Morican attest to that. This is a soon to rise condo that will surely meet all your needs. You should check this out!