Soprano Ukulele Vs. Concert Ukulele: How Scale Length Differentiates Each Other?

Again it matters to us. As human beings are making things easier, certainly the Differences are being noticed by them properly. Right? As you have noticed, the size of the finger matters when it comes to selecting the size of an Ukulele. The same thing happens with the distance between two fingers. While setting tunes for a song, running the fingers smoothly on the fingerboard is important. If the fret us too long and your fingers are taking time even if it is in milliseconds, the sound will be hampered, isn’t it correct?

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That’s why you should first know about yourself. It’s not a shame, because some popular singers are doing stage performances in front of millions with short fingers. Rather, it is easy to carry a short heighted ukulele and play in its comfort zone. Concert is larger than a soprano ukulele. So, those who have long fingers and have the power to carry high weighted mahogany, concert is just for them. Though it has a heavy tune, it can be adjustable by tightening the knobs at the head.

Again, the fret length differs. For the Concert, the fret length is adjusted to the neck part however it has higher distance than soprano. The reason is again the same. Those who have short hands like children, soprano will be best for them. It won’t take any further milliseconds to go for the next tune as the first one gets done. So, the continuity of the tune will be prominent at the end. It is best to choose the ukulele by verifying the fingers’ movement.

Now, here is additional information for you. As you have seen the comparison between soprano and concert ukulele, you can use these same comparisons in case of baritone and tenor.