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How to know an authorized APK agent from fake ones

Sadly, there are a lot of fake, unauthorized agents pretending to be authorized and legit. They do this so they can take advantage of new players and scam their money. These people pose as real agents of the game so that they can scam your money through various means. New players have to be diligent in choosing who they would transact with. There are many ways you can do before transacting with these wrong doers. These tips are listed below:

Pussy888 Apk / iOS Download 2021


  • Ask for the link from a player that is playing the game for a long time.
  • A long-time player who used a link back when there are few fake websites is most likely legit.
  • Agents from social media that have ratings from different people
  • Pussy 888 has many employees on social media. You can ask for their identifications or just look at the reviews online of those people
  • Agents with the official pussy888 apk
  • Verified agents will you tothe official website of Pussy888


Download the APK and try Pussy888

Discerning which agent to register from is of paramount importance that is why you should make the above advice of great importance to avoid being scammed. After downloading from a legit agent, you can now start enjoying the casino games of Pussy888. Choose from a large variety of online casino games to know why Pussy888 is one for the masses.


Legit APK allows you to play online casino games of Pussy888 worry-free

Legit APK agents offer true links to the Pussy888 website. You should download the verified APK only so that you can play hassle-free. Malaysian Bank connectivity adds to the authenticity of the APK you have downloaded so always look for this connectivity when installing new APK’s