How to Wash Tennis Shoes Using a Washing Machine

Washing Tennis Shoes

Cleaning tennis shoes can be done in four easy steps contrary to what other people thought. It will not take a lot of your time so you can still enjoy your rest day while waiting for your tennis shoes to dry. The washing machine method requires at least 30 minutes for the washing. However, the drying duration will take a longer time since it will only be under the sun to dry.

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The steps on how to wash tennis shoes Wash the shoe laces separately .The first step is to take the shoe laces off the shoes. You can wash them with your laundry as it will not require modified methods to clean. However, if the shoe laces are already worn out, it is best to replace them with a new one for it will further be damage when placed in the washing machine

Wash the insoles separately

For the insoles, we will make our cleaning solution. Prepare one cup of warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda. These ingredients will be mixed and used to soak the insoles. You can also rub the solution into the insoles for better results. Dry it out with a tissue paper and leave under the sun to dry.

Placing the shoes in the washing machine

Place the tennis shoes inside a mesh garment bag before putting it inside the washing machine. This will prevent damage to walls of washing machine. The mesh bag will lessen the impact of banging of the shoes. To balance the spinning, place some old towels.

Dry off the tennis shoes

Try to absorb the excess water inside the shoes by placing some tissue paper to soak it. Let the shoes air dry under the sun. It will take a longer time if the weather is not good so be patient.